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Support for Military Families

Every day, the men, women and families of the U.S. Military make incredible sacrifices to protect our safety. Give something back by donating a little of your time to the programs and organizations that make a difference in their lives.


They were there when we needed them. They served us all and kept us safe. Yet hundreds of thousands of American veterans, home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, at times can not access basic treatments and get the support needed to enable them to transition back into civilian life. They need our help. It's our turn to serve them.

Welcome Back Veterans (WBV) was created to inspire Americans to give back to our returning veterans and their families. The mental health issues they face are well documented, but too many people still don't know about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) -- or what we can do to assist these great men and women.

By giving everyday Americans the tools they need to make a difference, creating a national network of clinics to provide the best care to those who deserve nothing less, and funding groundbreaking research to limit the scope of PTSD, WBV is committed to supporting our returning heroes. All of us can play a part. Join us and find out how at

For more than a century, Major League Baseball has been an integral part of society. America has embraced baseball as its national pastime throughout the game's unparalleled history. As a social institution with important responsibilities, Major League Baseball realizes that this mantle affords special opportunities.

MLB is honored to make community service and social responsibility a part of all that Major League Baseball stands for to generate awareness and heighten the social consciousness of the importance of giving back.

As part of that obligation, Major League Baseball recognizes and appreciates the enormous sacrifice made by the brave men and women in our armed forces with their Welcome Back Veterans initiative.

With the ability to reach millions of patriotic Americans at ballparks, on television and through the Internet, MLB hopes to showcase this very important issue and help our veterans in their transition from the battlefield back to their lives at home.


Volunteer Organizations

    • AmeriCorps*VISTA

      In partnership with the American Legion Auxiliary, provide support to veterans and military families in service activities connected to poverty alleviation. In coordination with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service, help to mobilize volunteers who will provide assistance to hospitalized veterans, as well as respite care for older veterans and their families.

    • American Red Cross

      Volunteer at the Red Cross and change a life, starting with your own. Across the United States, more than half a million Red Crossers help save lives by assisting disaster victims, providing CPR/AED, First Aid and water safety courses, involvement in youth clubs, donating blood and supporting military service members and their families. Contact your local Red Cross to find out volunteer opportunities and programs in your community that are serving people in need. (1-800-RED CROSS or visit

    • Blue Star Families

      Support military families through our service programs, such as Books on Bases, where volunteers read to and distribute free books to military children, and Care Packages for the Families Back Home, which sends morale and support to the spouses and children of deployed service members.

    • The Mission Continues

      Honor fallen veterans through Veterans Tributes, where volunteers learn about the fallen veteran’s life and legacy, perform community service in his or her honor, and write a letter to the veteran's family. Volunteer opportunities include care package drives, park clean ups, and other meaningful acts of service.

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