See How The Network .Coms Are Participating

By iParticipate on Thu, Oct 22 2009, 17:51:47
iParticipate NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX

Check out how the network .coms are supporting iParticipate: Promos on show sites and spotlights iParticipate prominently in their A Better Community section. has PSAs, videos and ads in rotation on the home page, show sites and
CBS Cares Coverage on the home page, show pages and PSAs. Has the PSAs in rotation on the home page and content, including the widget on the participating show pages

30 Rock

The Office

Parks & Recreation

More info:
See the full list of shows taking part

Missed some shows? You can watch full episodes of many of the shows on the sites.
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See the iParticipate PSAs

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