• Want To Participate, But Not Sure How? These Toolkits Can Help.

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    Here are some toolkits with great ideas on ways you can participate: Create the good Read to Children Did you know that if a young person is read to at least three times a week, that person is twice as likely to score in the top 25% of reading? Here’s how to start a reading program from scratch. Start a Book Drive

  • Check Out All The Participating Shows! Find Out How Your Favorites Are Taking Part.

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    Below are some of the shows taking part in EIF's iParticipate campaign, and what they plan to do. (A "tag" means an in show announcement or promotion.) Show............................................Participation ABC America's Funniest Home Videos............Segment Brothers and Sisters..............................Script, tag Castle...................................................Tag Cougar Town.........................................Tag Dancing With the Stars..........................Segment, tag Desperate Housewives...........................Script, tag

  • What is iParticipate? Find Out Here.

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    The number of Americans who volunteer regularly has not increased in 40 years. Service experts and community leaders agree: we are at a critical moment when real change is needed. Nearly half of all people who currently volunteer started because they were asked by someone they know. Now, The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) and the entertainment industry is asking the country to get involved and “iParticipate” is poised to help generate a new era of volunteerism.

  • From USA Today - TV: It's Prime Time for Volunteerism - More Than 90 Shows Participating

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    Even before TV's Stand Up to Cancer special raised more than $100 million for research with a star-studded, prime-time broadcast in September 2008, Hollywood and its leading charitable arm, the Entertainment Industry Foundation, were hunting for another major initiative to support. They came up with "I Participate," a Hollywood-fueled initiative that's shaping up as one of TV's biggest, most innovative public service efforts ever. From Oct. 19-25, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and several cable channels will devote chunks of more than 90 shows to mobilize viewers off their couches.

  • 'CSI: NY' Star Hill Harper Touts Off-Screen Volunteering Roles As CBS Hit Works With iParticipate

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    In an upcomming episode of CBS' "CSI: NY", Hill Harper's character, Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, volunteers to work at the Manhattan Parks Medical Unit, an emergency medical organization. Read the full NY Daily News article.

  • Read the Alicia Keys essay about AIDS Awareness in USA Weekend

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    I've always had a bleeding heart, and I've always known that global issues needed attention, but it's so easy to live in your own world. It wasn't until I traveled to South Africa on my first tour in 2002 that I really understood the AIDS pandemic in Africa and how it affects people of all races, colors, religions and backgrounds. Read the full Alicia Keys essay at USA Weekend.

  • See How The Daily Show and Colbert Report are Participating

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  • Find Out How the Cast of Top Chef is Participating

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  • Skip1 is Participating. How About You?

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    It's quite simple really: Skip1 is asking people like you to skip 1 thing for 1 day - a coffee, a pack of gum, that magazine at the checkout stand, a car wash, a haircut, a manicure, a cab fare - take the money you would have spent on those things and donate instead to Public donations go to the acquisition and distribution of food and water projects worldwide. It's that simple.

  • “Making a Difference” with The VoiceBook Project by AmeriCorps/VISTA and RSVP+ North Dakota

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    AmeriCorps/VISTA and RSVP+ North Dakota are partnering on The VoiceBook Project for this year’s “Make a Difference Day” on Saturday, October 24th. The project is designed for children with an absent or soon to be absent parent or grandparent. A parent or grandparent picks a children’s book from the donated collection and is recorded reading it. After the recording takes place, the book and recording will be given to the child as a way for him/her to hear Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa reading a bedtime story or anytime story.

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