• See The New Morgan Freeman PSA - Give Health a Hand.

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    MORGAN FREEMAN APPEARS IN NEW IPARTICIPATE PSA ASKING AMERICANS TO VOLUNTEER FOR OTHERS’ HEALTH Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman appears in a new Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) public service announcement that encourages Americans to volunteer their time to care for someone else’s health. The spot is one of a series of PSAs that all major broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC – will launch this fall as part of the EIF’s iParticipate national initiative to promote service and volunteering.

  • iParticipate's New Youth Section Is Now Live!

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    Just saw what your favorite shows were doing to support volunteering and want to help? Want to get text messages a couple of times a month with volunteer opportunities? Want to know everything that's going on with iParticipate on Twitter, Flickr and YouTube? Check it all out HERE.

  • Check out the Huffington Post's impact section covering iParticipate

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    On the Huffington Post’s IMPACT section today, iParticipate has two front page stories. There is an overview story and a Hank Azaria post as well. See them HERE

  • Share your stories. What are you doing to participate?

    By iParticipate on Mon, Oct 19 2009, 21:36:33 | 3 comments

    Check out our new area where you can post and share your volunteering photos and stories.

  • The View Announces America's Ultimate Volunteer!

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    Over the last few weeks, The View has been searching the country and asking viewers to nominate Americans for their Ultimate Volunteer award. The winner is Tom Gipson, who helped build over 1,000 homes nationwide for the homeless.

  • Read About iParticipate In The LA Times

    By iParticipate on Mon, Oct 19 2009, 10:52:30 | 2 comments

    Community service as a TV theme More than 100 programs on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and cable networks will spotlight the idea of giving back, through story lines or public service announcements. Discerning television viewers may notice a recurrent theme on their favorite shows this week. The doctors on ABC's "Private Practice" give homeless teenagers free checkups. On NBC's "30 Rock," page Kenneth Parcell tries to adopt all the dogs at an animal shelter. And two characters on CBS' "Numb3rs" talk about joining Big Brothers Big Sisters.

  • Check Out The Good Morning America Weekend Coverage of iParticipate

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    Celebrities, TV networks unite to champion volunteerism. Check out the GMA Weekend iParticipate coverage including video here.

  • Watch Mayor Booker On The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien As They Put The Feud To Rest

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    Part 1Part 2:

  • President Barack Obama And Former President George H. W. Bush Unite To Support Volunteerism

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    (CNN) -- Some issues, it seems, still transcend America's increasingly bitter partisan divide. President Obama attended a community service forum at Texas A&M University on Friday hosted by one of his Republican predecessors, former President George H.W. Bush. Obama took the opportunity to emphasize that, regardless of partisan politics, the government can only do so much with the challenges facing Americans.

  • If You Missed iParticipate's Live Stream of Corey Booker On Friday, See The Full Video Here

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